Las Vegas. Sin City. The Entertainment Capitol of the World. It doesn’t matter what name you call it, Las Vegas is a place unlike any other. With over 40 million people visiting The City of Lights every year, dozens of hotels have sprung up over the years offering visitors every type of experience imaginable. The sheer amount of options can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned travelers because there are just so many options. From luxury to budget to unique to classy, Las Vegas has it all. The abundance of hotels leads visitors to wonder… which are the best Las Vegas hotels?

  • Luxor
  • Excalibur
  • Rio
  • The Linq
  • Caesar’s Palace
  • Palazzo
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Venetian
  • Trump International
  • Mandarin Oriental

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, this guide can help you decide the best place for you to stay. I’ve been going to Vegas regularly for almost 20 years and am constantly staying in different hotels to see what the latest and greatest one is. Here are some of my favorites from my travels, as well as ones that are critically acclaimed for being extraordinary.

Parking is free at nearly every hotel and casino, even if you aren’t staying there. Casinos want to bring in as much business as possible and if you park in their lot, there’s a good chance you’ll go inside and spend money.

Luxor – The Southern Strip

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is the most iconic hotel in Las Vegas. Situated at the southern end of the Strip, its unique pyramid shape and giant Sphinx are a quintessential part of the Las Vegas skyline. Guests of the Luxor can ride the famous Inclinator, the elevators that move at a diagonal along the sides of the pyramid. The hotel interior is hollow and guests have a great view of the lobby. Prices for hotel rooms vary but some rates can be very cheap for a great room fit for a pharaoh. Plus, how many people can say that they’ve stayed in a pyramid?

Standard rates around $99

The Luxor is definitely one of the best Las Vegas Hotels and one of the most iconic!
Is that a mirage? Nope, it definitely is the Luxor pyramid, which rises 30 stories from the desert floor.

Excalibur – The Southern Strip

Excalibur is another hotel that is a Vegas icon. It used to be the hotel with the most hotel rooms in the world, but it has recently been remodeled to fit the 21st century. The hotel has lots of activities for the entire family, as well as medieval entertainment. One of the biggest features of Excalibur is medieval Arthurian dinner show that is fit for the whole family. Since the hotel has been around for many years, rates are cheaper because people are opting to stay at brand new hotels and completely missing out on the great deals that Excalibur offers.

Standard rates around $110

Rio – 1 Block off the Southern Strip

When people think of Las Vegas, they think of The Strip. Hotels that are off of the Strip tend to be overlooked, but Rio definitely shouldn’t be overlooked and earns a spot as one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. It is located just to the side of the strip, which means rates are much cheaper than some of its competitors. However, the Rio has some of the best rooms in Las Vegas. Its rooms are spacious and have floor-to-ceiling windows to soak up all of the Vegas views. The buffets at the Rio are also delicious and affordable. If you’re searching for a fun hotel and a good price, the Brazilian-themed Rio will have you doing the Samba all the way down the Strip.

Standard rates around $104

The Linq – Central Strip

Many people know of the Linq just because of the giant High Roller wheel out front. It does dominate the landscape of the hotel, but the Linq is a great hotel as well. The rooms at the Linq are sleek and modern, with affordable rates for the center of The Strip. For adults, the Linq even offers a 21 and up pool party to get everyone in the partying mood. With it’s excellent pool and amenities, the Linq caters more to the younger crowd and families may prefer looking at different hotels for a more kid-friendly vibe.

Standard rates around $109

The Linq High Roller is the largest observational wheel in the world and is a new addition to the Las Vegas Skyline
The Linq High Roller is the largest observational wheel in the world and is a new addition to the Las Vegas Skyline

Caesar’s Palace – Central Strip

Julius Caesar has been dead for two millennia, but the grandeur of the Roman Empire comes to life in this hotel. Caesar’s Palace has incredible architecture both inside and outside and it has a great atmosphere. There is also a huge mall for the shopping aficionados featuring an escalator that is circular. Even the small details are impressive. Check out the entertainment lineup at Caesar’s Palace regardless of whether you stay there because they have some incredible talent. Mariah Carey, Elton John, and Shania Twain have all performed there, among many other stars.

Standard rates around $179

Palazzo – Central Strip

The Palazzo is the Venetian’s little brother that is modern, stylish, and just as classy as it’s older sibling. The only downfall is that it lacks the brand name of the “Venetian”, although don’t let it fool you. Both the Palazzo and Venetian are adjacent to each other and the boutiques seamlessly blend into one another. Rooms at the Palazzo start at 720 square feet and are all suite-style. The Palazzo offers the classic Vegas experience that we all are familiar with but has the elegance of a world-class resort.

Standard rates around $289

Cosmopolitan – Central Strip

Its name says it all. The Cosmopolitan is one of the hippest hotels in Las Vegas and lives up to the hype surrounding it. Rooms at the Cosmopolitan tastefully blend art and modern convenience in a sophisticated way. Unlike many Las Vegas hotels, these rooms come with a kitchenette for guest use. The nightlife is incredible and one of the clubs – The Chandelier – is appropriately located in a giant three-story chandelier. From the lounges to the beauty spas, a stay at the Cosmopolitan will give you one of the most posh nights of your life!

Standard rates around $226

Venetian – Central Strip

When you think of luxury in Las Vegas, no doubt the Venetian comes to mind. This hotel takes visitors from the desert heat and transports them to the canals of Venice. Rooms can be on the pricier side but the quality of rooms and the hospitality of the staff is unparalleled. Several years I stayed there in just a regular room (which was still a suite because they all are). When my family and I arrived at our room, it was still a mess from the previous occupants and hadn’t been cleaned. We called the front desk and they were so apologetic they upgraded us to the largest suite in the hotel… FOR FREE! It doesn’t matter which room you stay in at the Venetian; you will feel like royalty.

Standard rates around $249

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas has underground canals to truly make you feel like you're in Venice!
The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas has underground canals to truly make you feel like you’re in Venice!

Trump International Hotel – Northern Strip

Nobody does extravagance like Donald Trump, and his hotel in Las Vegas is no exception. Surprisingly, the Trump Hotel is one of the most family-friendly hotels in Las Vegas. The Trump Hotel doesn’t allow smoking, it doesn’t have a casino, and dogs are welcome! One downside is that there is no self-parking at the hotel and one must use valet service. The valet is free, but a gratuity is expected. Even though Trump International is located on the northern end of the Strip, the hotel offers shuttles for its guests around Vegas to various shopping centers. If you don’t feel like leaving your room, you can order 24-hour room service and sit in luxury.

Standard rates around $159

Mandarin Oriental – Central Strip

There’s luxury, and then there’s Mandarin Oriental luxury. Its rooms combine modern styles with luxurious extravagance and give its visitors an experience unlike any other in Las Vegas. The Mandarin Oriental is also a smoke-free hotel and does not have a casino, which is becoming more popular in Vegas. If you want to stay inside and enjoy the Zen atmosphere, the hotel also offers deluxe spa and massage treatments. As a bonus, the Mandarin also boasts the only champagne ATM that dispenses cold Moët bottles at the touch of a button. For visitors who want to go to Las Vegas without actually having to be in the commotion of the city, the Mandarin Oriental is the ideal hotel. The rates per night may be steep for some visitors, but a stay there is a stay in one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.

Standard rates around $249

Lucky Dragon Casino – Northern Strip

Last December, a brand new hotel and casino revolutionized the boutique resorts of Las Vegas. The Lucky Dragon Casino is Asian-themed, but it’s theme goes above and beyond just the decorations. Designers created the resort with a foreign clientele in mind. The owners really wanted to capitalize on the amount of Asian tourists who travel to Las Vegas and gave them a completely Chinese-themed place to stay and gamble. Workers at the casino are bilingual and every Chinese superstition has been integrated into the casino. From excluding the unlucky number four to serving food meant to bring good luck, this hotel has it all. The Lucky Dragon Casino is the latest and greatest hotel in Las Vegas and definitely worth visiting during your time in Vegas.

Standard rates around $89

The gaming center of the Lucky Dragon Casino
The gaming center of the Lucky Dragon Casino

Las Vegas is incredible for so many reasons. There is always something to do and it feels like a whole other world. Another incredible thing about the city is that the airport is so close to everything. Most large cities have airports on the outskirts, but the Las Vegas McCarran Airport is just at the southern end of the strip. Its location is perfect for travelers who are flying into Las Vegas.

Plus, there’s much more to do in Las Vegas than just drink and gamble (even though that’s quite fun). Check out Marina from Explorist’s post with a ton of information about things to do in and around Las Vegas for more ideas!

Not quite sure when you want to make your Vegas vacation? That’s okay, because fortunately Skyscanner offers an incredible feature that allows you to choose when you maybe want to fly and will show you if it’s cheaper to fly on alternate dates. Skyscanner’s search engine even allows you to book a hotel from the site, or rent a car for your time in Las Vegas. If you want to search for a hotel based on location, just hit the map feature in the upper right hand corner and it will show you a map of the Las Vegas hotels. Vacation planning has never been easier!

The Best Las Vegas Hotels for Your Money - The Traveling Storygirl
The Best Las Vegas Hotels for Your Money – The Traveling Storygirl

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