The world is a small place and it is shrinking daily thanks to a plethora of technological advances. Today, you can book a flight across the world by clicking a few buttons on your computer instead of going through the exhausting process of a travel agent like you had to do 20 years ago. But for some reason there is a stigma that traveling is hard and that most places are impossible to visit. That stigma is hopefully changing due to one man, Brian Nelson.

A World Worth Seeing

A World Worth Seeing is the travel book that is written for everyone. Nelson takes the daunting concept of traveling the world and breaks it down into simple, easy to read tidbits about each country. He starts the book off by showing that anyone can travel the world, all it takes is the desire – where there’s a will there’s a way.

Nelson broke up his book into chapters based on geographical region. If you want to learn about Europe, just flip to the Europe chapter and start reading. Everything is very matter-of-fact and extremely easy to follow. The reader can visualize Nelson’s path as they maneuver through the countries of the world. Most travel books are chock-full of flowery language and dramatic descriptions. Are they fun to read? Yes, but oftentimes the reader gets lost in the fluff and can’t see what author is trying to convey. Thankfully, A World Worth Seeing provides an honest and straightforward account of the countries of the world – something that is refreshing to read.

A World Worth Seeing - The Traveling Storygirl

Another thing that Nelson manages to do is boil down each country of the world into a few major sites. Traveling to India? Well you have to hit up the Taj Majal. Going to travel in Peru? No trip to the country is complete without visiting Machu Picchu. This breakdown is very helpful for people who aren’t very cognizant of what each country has to offer. I knew many of the places about which Nelson talked but some of them were new to me. I didn’t know what Uzbekistan had to offer, but after reading A World Worth Seeing it’s now on my Bucket List to see one day. Even the ‘scary’ and ‘dangerous’ countries aren’t off-limits to Nelson. He traveled to places like Iraq and Iran to show that the whole country shouldn’t be avoided just because of a few people in a concentrated place.

As helpful as his style is in A World Worth Seeing, I really wish that Nelson had been able to incorporate a bit more from each country into his descriptions. I understand that it’s hard to sum up an entire country like Germany into just a handful of sentences but I would have appreciated a little bit more information about various countries.

Ultimately, A World Worth Seeing is a fabulous book. It is great for motivating hesitant people to get out there and travel. Some people need to see how simple travel can be, which is exactly what Nelson does. This book is the perfect gift for this holiday season. Gift it to someone who either already loves travel or who needs that extra push to see the world! Copies can be purchased here on Amazon.

Special thanks to Kelsey Butts for A World Worth Seeing and as always, all opinions are mine.

A World Worth Seeing - The Traveling Storygirl
A World Worth Seeing

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