1. Egypt

Egypt was my number one place to go last year and it’s no wonder that it’s the first place I’m recommending you to go this year. Unfortunately, Egypt has a terrible stigma following the Arab Spring in 2011 and Egypt still is not a completely westernized country. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t deter you from visiting the country. Some people opt to go to Egypt with a tour group but that isn’t necessary as long as you travel smart. Egypt is home to SO MUCH history that has shaped our modern world that you need to see it in person. If you can, avoid the summer months because Egypt gets HOT!!

Egypt - The Traveling Storygirl
The Great Pyramid of Giza

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an extremely overlooked city in central Europe but it’s slowly gaining notoriety among travelers. Not only is it an inexpensive place to travel (you’ll notice a theme pretty soon), but it has spectacular sights and history. This city is especially popular among younger travelers and is home to many hostels and cheap accommodations. Even if you aren’t in your early 20s, there are plenty of other options for people wanting to explore and make the most of their time in Prague!

3. Budapest, Hungary

Did you know that Budapest is made up of two cities, Buda and Pest separated by the Danube River? Both cities, when combined, make up the delightful Budapest. Hungary boasts some of the most delicious and cheap food in the world and if you want to dance off your calories, you can hit up one of the ruin bars! Budapest is also home to dozens of thermal baths. You can choose from large ‘party spas’ to smaller, more intimate ones. The city also has the most beautiful parliament building in the world, and the best way to see it is by taking a dinner river cruise!

Budapest - The Traveling Storygirl
The magnificent parliament building in the Pest side of Budapest

4. Bucharest, Romania

When you hear Romania, you probably think of Dracula and Transylvania. Although those two things are definitely part of Romania, the country offers so much more than just that. To begin with, Romania is one of the poorest countries in the EU and the exchange rate makes food and accommodations very cheap. In my opinion, Romania also has some of the best food in the world and the best part is you can get it at a deal! If you do want to see Dracula’s Romania, you can visit Peles and Dran Castles to get your real-life vampire fix!

Some of the beautiful churches and architecture you can find in Bucharest. Not quite as scary as Dracula!

5. Singapore

Singapore might be a small city-state but it definitely makes up for it. Shopping is basically the national sport of Singapore (sounds like the dream) and its flashy malls draws people from all over the world. The airport alone is worth a visit, since it has movie theaters, gardens, and a whole lot of grandeur. I highly recommend spending at least two days in Singapore and just experiencing the opulence of the city. Plus, be sure to take a trip to Marina Bay Sands and the garden of lights nearby!

6. Venice, Italy

I’m putting Venice on the list with a lot of hesitation. It’s been a top travel destination for YEARS and is literally overrun by tourists. However, since Venetians are cracking down on obnoxious tourists (and since the island is sinking), I recommend traveling there soon if you haven’t visited before. It’s a stunning and historical city and nothing beats just walking around and getting lost alongside the canals. But when traveling there, be cognizant that there are still locals in Venice who want to live their life free of tourists, so be respectful of the people who live in Venice.

St. Mark’s Square in Venice!

7. Mexico City, Mexico

For some reason, there’s a huge stigma out against traveling deep into Mexico. I’ve spoken to several people who will only travel to the beach resorts in Mexico, even though it’s actually more dangerous in those resorts. But anyways, Mexico City is slowly gaining popularity among travelers and it’s easy to see why. The peso is relatively cheap, the food is delicious, and it immerses you into the real Mexican culture that you can’t get by just traveling to a beach resort (I’m sorry, but it’s true). Mexico City has beautiful ancient history and you can travel just outside of the city to see the pyramid ruins of Teotihuacan and get another taste of Mexican history.

Mexico City is home to around 20 million people, which makes it the largest capital city in the world!

8. Tallinn, Estonia

Have you ever heard of Estonia? Many people haven’t but it’sa tiny Baltic country that used to be under Soviet control for years. Today,it’s a quaint European country that boasts one of the highest standards ofliving in the world. In fact, Estonia just voted to make its publictransportation free for everyone, and it has some of the fastest broadbandspeeds in the world! For the traveler, Tallinn is straight out of a fairytale.It still has original town walls that give you views over the spectacularmedieval town that has endured centuries of changing rulers.

9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the up-and-coming cities of the world. In just under 30 years, it has transformed from one of the most dangerous and divided cities into a popular capitol that is home to modern art alongside historical sites. I’m a huge history buff and am a staunch believer that you should learn more about history when you travel and Berlin is just the place to do that. From the Reichstag to the Berlin Wall to the Holocaust Museum to the Rittersport chocolate store to the opera house, there’s something in Berlin for everyone!

Berlin, Germany - The Traveling Storygirl
The Brandenburg Gate is such an iconic part of the Berlin skyline

10. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s tourism has decreased significantly since thehurricanes destroyed a lot of the island’s infrastructure a few years ago. Eventhough parts of the country are still rebuilding, Puerto Rico needs moretourists to come and help boost the economy. I haven’t been to San Juan sincebefore the hurricane so I can’t speak as to personal experience of how it willbe in 2019, but everything I’ve read says that now is the time to go for cheapprices and low crowds!  

Do you have your 2019 travel plans made yet?

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  1. I recommend a visit to Dubai as well. Dubai is well known for its culture and luxuriousness. It is must place to visit. Mostly, The luxury houses are incredible.

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